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The Livable Law Method

"I know why women leave the law and I know how to fix it."

- Giugi Carminati


Take Control of Your Practice.

Reduce Attrition.

Prevent Burnout.

Make the Practice of Law Livable.

The Method uses three pillars, each with three sub pillars, to create a framework for implementing project management strategies and identifying pain points. The three pillars are the Management of Tasks, the Management of Time, and the Management of Things. By understanding that management can be broken down in this way, you take the first step towards taking control of the seemingly infinite forces pulling you and your practice in different directions. You are also better equipped to verbalize where the pain points are and what is causing them. Through a variety of techniques, tools, and "ceremonies," the Livable Law Method guides you towards implementing agile project management techniques in your firm.


The goal is to level out the workflow and avoid the bust-boom model of the law, to increase transparency in task assignment, and decrease unnecessary stress. We offer online courses, training, and coaching to let you achieve your goals.

I want to make your life better. I really do. I hope you let me.

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Understand why legal tech competence is an ethical duty, and use this paper as a resource to explain it to your team.

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