A discovery counsel for your merits counsel. What if hiring me could make your discovery process more livable?


Discovery can suck. But it doesn't have to. Having an attorney on your case who is on top of discovery case law, as well as eDiscovery standards, can completely change your workload and free up merits counsel to do the work of litigating.

I work with litigators all over the country, providing them assistance and support so they can focus on all the other parts of litigating a case.

How I Can Help You

You get the benefit of a 13 year-long career, spanning big law firm life, a plaintiff's boutique, a solo practice, a small firm of my own, a hundred-plus caseload at a civil rights law firm, and much more. If it exists, I've either seen it or argued it before. So here I am.

I now provide discovery and eDiscovery support services to litigators.  I am a certified eDiscovery specialist (ACEDS), CIPP/E certified, and a certified Legal Project Manager (LawVision). I am licensed in Texas, Colorado, California, New York, and DC. I have tried cases in both state and federal courts, and I have litigated cases all over the country. I have been named a Super Lawyer Rising Start in 2014, 2015, 2017-2021. I'm fast, I'm efficient, and I am knowledgeable.

My discovery counsel services allow you to focus on strategy, depositions, briefing, and client relations, rather than spend hours (or days) on the mechanics of discovery.

What can you ask me to do?

  • Negotiate and draft Scheduling Orders and ESI Protocols

  • Draft discovery 30(b)(6) notices

  • Create document review protocols

  • Perform and/or lead complex document reviews

  • Draft discovery requests

  • Draft discovery responses

  • Review discovery, depositions, and documents to generate timelines

  • Draft Orders of Proof/Proof Charts

  • Draft meet and confer discovery letters

  • Draft motions to compel

  • Train your team on a variety of document review platforms

  • Create small scale eDiscovery protocols for your firm

If you are ready to hire me, you can set up a call to chat.