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Are you running on empty? For most of my life, the answer to that question was: Yes. So, after two burnouts, a massive bilateral pulmonary embolism, and starting my own law firm, I knew what I had to do: share with others how I'd made my legal practice livable. That's how The Livable Law Method was born.

The Livable Law Method is the application of agile project management techniques to litigation. It is particularly designed for solo, small, and plaintiffs' firms. While there are different levels of implementation, the first step is to implement daily Scrum meetings, a Task Matrix, a weekly Matrix Review, and the use of a ScrumMaster to keep these trains running on time. The Livable Law Method, however, also helps you scale up into legal tech, small-scale eDiscovery methods, and more complex team structures.

We developed a number of services and materials that you can use as resources to either learn the method or train others to use the Method. On this page, you will find coursebooks and reference materials for purchase, online courses, and price lists for more comprehensive consulting work. Whatever you choose to do, we stand ready to help you.

I want you to uncrush your practice and feel the breath in your lungs again. Are you ready for it?

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